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Photography Salon with Nigel Bewley - April 23

1 Apr 2023

Shy wood anemones

Last Saturday we had a great photography salon with Nigel Bewley.

This was despite the cloudy day which led to the wood anemone flowers being closed up & hanging down. Once there is some sun & the flowers open up again. So if you want a carpet of white, visit on a sunny day.

Nigel talked to us about the importance of setting our white balance appropriately, especially taking photos of white wood anemones. Many camera phones also allow you to play with the white balance setting. Though finding it can be tricky! Also, we had more laying on the ground to get down to the level of our subject & create more interesting shots.

Thanks Nigel for another interesting & informative session. We plan on holding another photography salon with Nigel in the summer.

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