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LAGER Can Litter Pick - October 21

8 Oct 2022

37 bags & 33 unbaggables.

Thanks to Ann, Cathy, Fred, Sue, Mike & Stef for a great effort around Grove Farm. The David Lloyd lane was pretty clean so we had plenty of time for the road behind the shops. We’ve been making head way here little by little for months & we felt very satisfied to finally reach the end of road & left it looking clean (if you don’t look too hard).

Some more work is needed to get it up to LAGER can standards, but this is a great example of what persistent litter picking can do! At the end we were treated to tea & coffee by thankful cafe staff at the Broken Gate. Their tea & coffee comes with a LAGER Can seal of approval. We also then got treated to a hot chocolate by David Lloyd.

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