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LAGER Can Litter Pick - March 24

9 Mar 2024

A new fly tip is left in Grove Farm

We came for our monthly litter pick & we were dismayed to see the huge amount of waste being dumped on David Lloyd land, on the old tennis courts by the lane. This happened over a few days. David Lloyd is working hard to resolve the situation. They immediately employed a company to remove the people doing the fly tipping from the land, but the legal process took some time. After the perpetrators were removed, the next step is to investigate so the waste will need to stay there for this. After that, David Lloyd will hire a licensed contractor to remove the waste to an appropriate waste disposal site.

Although feeling sad & dejected, we carried on with our usual litter pick. 31 bags, 73 unbaggables - most of those unbaggables due to some unknown liquid being dumped in containers at the top of the lane. Thank you to Ann, Ian, Livio, Frederick, Bharti & Елена for all their hard work

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