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Grove Farm MOL designation to be removed

17 Dec 2022

MOL - Metropolitan open land designation protects green spaces from development

Protect our green space!

Ealing Council are planning to remove the status of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) from Grove Farm. MOL is a designation which prevents green areas being built on unless very special circumstances exist. This change is being proposed in the new Ealing Local Plan. Ealing Council are running a public consultation where we can push back against this proposal and protect our green space. 

To protect Grove Farm from development, sign our petition:

and if you can please also send your own response to the consultation as this will be used as part of the review process

Email your response to: OR send a letter by post to Steve Barton, Strategic Planning Team, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, London, W5 2HL.

State in the title - Opposition to removal of Metropolitan Open Land designation from Grove Farm & Ealing Northern MOL2 

You should focus your response on

  • Asking the Council to keep the Metropolitan Open Land designation for MOL2 and protect this green space from development

  • Why you value green spaces and want them to be protected

  • AND if you use Grove Farm describe how, and what it means to you - showing that the green space is frequently used by people for recreation and provides well-being and mental health benefits will help the council to see its value. 

  • You can point out that the removal of protection of Metropolitan Open Land is at odds with Ealing Council’s own commitments to maintain, enhance and expand the network of green infrastructure in the borough and improve biodiversity as demonstrated by the council’s Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy 2021-2030 and it’s Biodiversity Action Plan 2022 - 2027.

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