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Friends of Grove Farm Members vote

16 May 2022

A crowd funding page has been setup to support a legal letter against a proposed development of two tower blocks

The Park View Place development has for what can be classed as phase 2 of its program a draft approval for the construction of five tower blocks in total. Two towers will specifically be constructed on the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) which Grove Farm Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is located. It is currently going through legal agreement between the council and the developers over section 106 funding after which it will move onto the Greater London Authority (GLA) for section 2 approval.

Using the map below of the site you can see Grove Farm LNR in yellow, the SINC in red and the development to the right hatched in grey.

We would prefer that the council looked to remove the tower blocks from the SINC, with the band of land being purchased and added to the LNR. We have outlined this plan in our vision. This would result in saving woodland for the community and for younger generations as well as preserving trees such as the willow in this article that is estimated at 120 years old.

We are however unsure if the council will be able to accomplish this request. In preparation for the development being fully approved and sent to the GLA, a crowd funding campaign (see link below) has been setup to support a legal letter with all funds going directly to the solicitors. The letter from the community to the GLA would put the case of refusing the development to the Mayor and GLA assembly. It should be noted that our solicitors have been successful in pushing back other developments in Ealing, although nothing can be guaranteed.

Current view from Grove Farm of the development

Our interpretation of the proposed development plans - Blue phase 1 (approved) Red phase 2 (to be approved)

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