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Ealing Council’s Regrow, Rewild & Recycle Scrutiny Committee visit

15 Jan 2023

First time visit for many members of the council

We hosted Ealing Council’s Regrow, Rewild & Recycle Scrutiny Committee at Grove Farm nature reserve on Sunday. We were happy to host Cllrs Rice, Zissimos, Conti, Mohan and Quansah. It was great to get the opportunity to show them the whole site, explained what we have been doing as a Friends group and aim to do in the future as well as sharing some of our concerns.

Scrutiny committees are made up of non-cabinet members of the council. They are cross-party and have a role to scrutinise the cabinet’s decisions and policies by gathering evidence on issues affecting local people. This committee focuses on issues relating to greening Ealing including the implementation of the council’s Biodiversity Action plan and the 10 new parks pledge. We hope their visit to Grove Farm provided some insights that can help them in their work.

Many thanks too to Jon (Parks ranger), Cllr Jammu and Ms Bains for taking part in a fantastic visit. Cllr Jammu a special thank you for supplying cake, although there may have been some weight watchers after Christmas in the group. Photos by Ms Bains.

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