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Conservation day - September 23

23 Sept 2023

I see the light and a path no less

It was feeling like autumn at the start of the conservation day but with the sun shining, it quickly warmed up. We were finishing off our task of improving sight lines along the path from Bedser Drive to David Lloyd by clearing ivy & bushes from the last piece of fencing. We were joined by Livio, Portia, Martine, and Kash, Sevan & Penny from Good Gym, who made quick work of this last section.

You can now easily look into the wood at Grove Farm Nature Reserve from the path & enjoy much more sunlight. It was lovely to talk to several passers by who told us how much they appreciated our work on opening up the views. It is also great to see more sunlight getting into the wood as this helps biodiversity.

Our next conservation day will be on Saturday 21 October. We will be clearing brambles down the lane. Come join us!

You can see Good gym's report here:

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