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Conservation day - new wild flower garden

23 Mar 2024

Working to make the entrance to Grove Farm more welcoming

We had a busy day at Grove Farm. Ten volunteers started the morning with a good workout, digging and turning over heavy clay to find all the bramble roots & working to create a good basis from planting a small wildflower patch at the top of the lane near Sudbury Hill. Expertly guided by Ron Nicholls, who has been doing this back breaking work since autumn, we turned the soil over once more. Along the way finding many impressively big & fat worms as well as a selection of buried rubbish!

There is still more digging to do to finish the plot off, with the aim to sow seeds in April. If you’d like to help Ron, he plans to be there on Thursdays.

Thank you Bharti, Livio, Елена, Ron, and Good Gymers Kash, Sevan, Lydia & Madura for the muscle power!

You can read Good Gyms report below:

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