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Conservation day - New path creation and earth day

22 Apr 2023

New paths and new friends

On Earth day, David Lloyd allowed us to place a stand in their members lounge, where we spent the morning letting their members know about Grove Farm & encouraging them to visit some of our spring highlights. We had lots of great conversations & we are very happy to now welcome some new members of Friends of Grove Farm & some new volunteers. It was great to see much love for nature amongst the people we spoke to & especially amongst the kids. Thanks Sue & Martine for helping run our stand.

At the same time in Grove Farm we had a team of volunteers doing a great job on our first steps to creating a new path through Grove Farm. The purpose of the path is to improve sight lines into the park (and therefore safety) and to create new access for conservation projects in the future. Many local residents who live in wood end estate are concerned about using the public path to get to sudbury hill so the hope is that this work will help with that issue. Thanks again for the support from our volunteers Frederick, Portia and Livio and good gymers (Penny and Valeria - you can read their report here).

We also found two slow worms at our monitoring site in Grove Farm. Let's cross our fingers that we reach last year's numbers again.

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