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Conservation day - Ephemeral pond clearing

25 Mar 2023

Clearing the area around the pond of brambles for our wetland area

Saturday was a beautiful spring day for volunteering at Grove Farm, filled with sunshine & spring flowers (including the beginnings of the wood anemone display). Make sure you go visit in the next couple of weeks.

We worked on clearing brambles from our ephemeral pond area so that we can see the lay of the land better to know how best to improve the drainage & storage of rain water in this part of the nature reserve. It’ll also give more light to the celedine (yellow flowers below) which are flowering profusely in some of the areas we cleared the brambles from last year. We made quick work of the task as our numbers were boosted by 7 Goodgymers. Thank you to everyone who helped out at our conservation event - Goodgym, Gordon, David, Frederick, Sue, Bharti & Livio.

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