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Conservation day - a new view of Coston's brook

25 May 2024

Creating more sight lines

We welcomed back Good Gym, Ealing to support our work in clearing sight lines in Grove Farm. This is very important for users of the park that are concerned about their safety. For this particular event we focused on clearing a decaying tree stump and Ivy from around Costons Brook (after first checking for nesting birds). By doing this we have helped provide a clear view on that particular side of the entrance to the nature reserve. Our next task will be to focus on the other side of the event. If you would like to join us in this work, please drop us an email.

Click on the below to see a before and after.

To read good gyms report please click here. Thanks to Bharti, Елена, Livio and good gymers Christos, Gistan, Steph, Sevan and Kash - as well as a photo bombing robin.

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