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Change X Water monitoring - March 24

23 Mar 2024

Second month of Water testing at Grove Farm

We welcomed our water testing team to learn how to test water for pollution. Thank you to our team: Frederick, Sue, David, Livio, Rosalind, Ron and our project manager Елена, who did an excellent job of organising everything.

We have tests for phosphates, nitrates, turbidity (basically the clarity of the water) & pH. We will be running the project for a year to see what we can learn about the state of pollution in Coston’s brook & two ephemeral ponds in Grove Farm. The process is simple but getting the right amount of water into the tests takes a little practice.

This project is sponsored by Microsoft & supported through ChangeX. We’ll be completing the tests each month on the 4th Saturday after our conservation events at 2pm. You are welcome to join the team as we will provide training each time.

If you’d like to join us for future testing please sign up on our ChangeX page.

You can see our results so far here:

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