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Celebrating Success: Grove Farm’s MOL Safeguarded

2 Mar 2024

We Have Exciting News!

As previously reported, Grove Farm faced the removal of its Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) designation by Ealing Council as part of the latest Local Plan. This designation serves to protect our precious green spaces from development. In response, we wholeheartedly opposed this move during last year’s consultation.

Here’s what we achieved together:

  1. Petition Power: Over 1400 signatures were collected through our petition, demonstrating the community’s unwavering commitment to preserving Grove Farm.

  2. Direct Engagement: We presented our case to the council, emphasising the importance of maintaining MOL status for this cherished nature reserve.

The Greater London Authority also weighed in, expressing their disapproval of wholesale de-designation of MOLs across Ealing.

And now, the moment we’ve been waiting for:

Our MOL Status Remains Intact!

After reviewing the 600 pages of the latest Local Plan (Regulation 19) and numerous additional documents (totaling nearly 300 pages), we’re thrilled to announce that Grove Farm has retained its MOL status.

A section related to the Kellogg’s development has been removed as this site will be developed. It should be noted that we are still contesting the part of the proposed development that borders Coston’s brook and is part of the Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (the SINC).

A Heartfelt Thank You!

None of this would have been possible without you and your backing for our cause. Your support, from signing the petition to writing letters and emails to the council, and spreading the word among friends and family, has made all the difference. Together, we’ve shown that collective action can influence positive change.

Let’s continue to nurture and protect Grove Farm, ensuring it remains a haven of greenery and natural beauty for generations to come. Thank you for being an essential part of this journey!

There are still some other open spaces under threat of development in the Local Plan. In particular:

  • Mandeville Parkway: the council is continuing to propose building on some of the last remnants of Northolt Racecourse. See details at chapter 4, page 326 of the Local Plan Reg 19.

  • Northolt Driving Range: the council is proposing to remove MOL status of this land so that the site can be developed for business use. See details at chapter 4, page 330 of the Local Plan Reg 19.

We are also concerned that the Local Plan still has not paid sufficient attention to the importance of the ecological network which allows wildlife to move around Ealing and helps biodiversity. The proposals for Northolt Driving Range exemplify this concern. Northolt Driving Range can play a role in this network, connecting green spaces including Northolt Manor Local Nature Reserve and Bellevue Park into Ealing’s wider ecological network via the canal. We believe that the council should take the opportunity to support local nature by making sure that it does.

Ealing Council is consulting on the Local Plan until 10 April 2024. You can e-mail them with your thoughts at

You can access the Local Plan here.

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